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18 Dec Blue Light in the Digital World
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"We live in a digital world and extended screen time is quickly becoming the norm in our everyday lives. Prolonged usage of digital devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, increases yo..
13 Mar Polarized Sunglasses VS UV Protection Sunglasses
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Polarized glasses vs UV protection sunglassesProtecting your eyes from the harsh UV rays may not be your priority when purchasing sunglasses and this may lead to settling for sunglasses that only serv..
10 Dec USB Type C: Impressions
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USB Connectors go all the way back to 1996. Kicking off with USB type A, micro USB port and USB 2.0 in 2000 and USB type C in 2014. While the specification of the type C were published in 2014, it’s r..
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Hello, howdie. Feeling limited yet, no, superb. #nohumanisltd We have some content curation on some of the weird jobs that do exist or have existed out there. This will be just a small representation ..
27 Jun Different Types of Leather.
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There are different leather types used to make leather products. The durability, texture and even the price of the product is dependent on the leather type and its factory processing. We will look at ..
17 May How polarization Works on Sunglasses
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Polarized lenses were invented in 1936 by Edwin H. Land after the discovery that light waves, which are usually erratic and vibrate in many directions, become aligned in one direction after bouncing o..
21 Aug A Simple Test for Polarization
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Polarized sunglasses come with a card that has a broken pattern to the normal eye but comes to full on wearing polarized sunglasses. But in the event that the card is not in the packaging, you can sti..
13 Mar Guide-to-buy-earphones
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For a long time, people have been choosing earphones to purchase by their brand names and with time have come to realize that a name is just a name. To be frank sometimes a known brand name doesn't me..
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